Our Story

Here at Ginko Collection, we pride ourselves on three ideals; endurance, uniqueness, and integrity. Named gracefully 'Ginko Collection' after the timeless Ginkgo Biloba tree known for its longevity and distinctiveness, it is precisely what our business stands for. 

Ginkgo trees have survived for over 200 million years, a rare species from forests of China that endured the tests of time remaining virtually unchanged. The splendid fan-shaped leaves evocative of Oriental charm have since spread globally due to their elegance and medicinal properties. 

Our western and eastern culture experts, Vasilija and Remy respectively, have curated an outstanding collection of home decor items oriented towards a classic design whilst catering for the latest consumer trends. Our items feature golden motifs reminiscent of the gleaming yellow leaves seen on Ginkgo trees in Autumn, thus enhancing your home with flair and poise. Sourced from small businesses across Asia, we're making sure each piece passes quality control, so you know you take home the best product imaginable. The dazzle of our items lies in sumptuous patterns and shapes that can go anywhere, from the lustre of your living room to the cosiness of your bedroom. 

Come check us out at our store in Joo Chiat and the upcoming fairs!